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London City Taxi

London City Airport provides some of the fastest and luxurious airline services, for the right price. This means that it is usually chosen by businessmen and women that come to London due to some important business meetings or by British people that have to travel to Europe for the same reasons. Of course, the number of annual passengers that use London City Airport is also formed by wealthy inhabitants or travellers that want to spend a larger budget on their holiday. And the capital city of the United Kingdom is definitely worth it. 

Other important, yet more accessible means of transport are Victoria Railway Station, Coach Station and Victoria Tube Station. They are situated at a walking distance from one another and are preferred due to their particular vicinity to other important travel ways like the famous St Pancras Station. London City Airport also shares this attribute, is located in Central London, the most visited area in the capital of the United Kingdom.

We have prepared below some of the options that you can choose from when having to arrive from London City Airport to the Victoria Station area. Some of them are more comfortable, others involve lower costs, so it is up to you to select the most suitable ones. Once you have arrived at your destination, make sure to create a list with all those wonderful touristic objectives that Central London has to offer to you. 

Some of the most important sights that are situated near the Victoria Station area are Edel Assanti (272-274 Vauxhall Bridge Road, SW1V) – presenting impressive galleries, Westminster Cathedral (42 Francis Street, Westminster, London SW1P) – with its beautiful architecture and St Peter’s Church, Eaton Square (119 Eaton Square, Belgravia, London SW1W) – another remarkable building. 

Of course, the options do not end here. Due to the complex transport system in London, you have the possibility to travel to any district in London or to its surroundings and visit every market, park, venue, historical remains and many other cultural symbols that will be of any interest to you. 

Rail Transport from London City to Victoria Railway Station: 

In order to get a London City to Victoria Railway Station Transfer by rail, you have the train from London City Airport DLR (every 10 minutes), followed by the Canning Town Underground (every 5 minutes) and Westminster Underground (every 5 minutes) and then just have a 2-minute walk. This whole journey takes about 29 minutes. Another option would be to take the bus from Silverton, London City (every 10 minutes – line 473) via Custom House, Victoria Dock (every 30 minutes) and Soho, Savoy Street (every 10 minutes – line 11) and finally enjoy a short walk of 2 minutes. This journey will take about 1 hour and 3 minutes. 

Road Transport from London City to Victoria Railway Station:

A London City to Victoria Railway Station Transfer by car can be done by taking the A1203 motorway. London City is at a 9.7 miles distance from Victoria Railway Station. This journey will take about 24 minutes, without including traffic.   

Taxi from London City to Victoria Railway Station:

A London City Taxi to Victoria Railway Station with Book Your Transfer is going to take about 25 minutes, including rush hour traffic. The price for a London City to Victoria Railway Station Taxi starts from 40 GBP. 

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